Scheduled Events

Painting in the trap

April 26thh 2019


Mark ya Calendars for April 26th we LiVE with @paintinginthetrap | @vonxavierwines will also be available.

Strawhat Party

6th annual #StrawHatParty will be held at Club Skye on  April 27th

Strike Out Ataxia

April 28th

Strike Out Ataxia, the heart of #HBWeek12, will be held on Sunday April 28th at Pin Chasers Veterans in Tampa FL. This event serves to educate the public about Ataxia, a disease that severely impairs parts of the nervous system that impact muscle strength and coordination. 

Strike Out Ataxia


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Radio Stations, Videographers, Photographers, YouTube Shows, News Outlets, ANY media personal please join us at one or ALL our events! 

Please email with the subject 'Media Pass' for more info on how to obtain your free pass! 

Volunteers Needed! 

How You Can Help

We are currently looking for volunteers for the following positions:

Social Media Admin

Sponsorship Sales

Table Attendants at SOA


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